7 Reasons Why You Should Blog in 2019

7 Reasons You Should Blog in 2019

2019Today we’ll be discussing 7 reason’s you should blog in 2019. Considering the fast growing rate in information marketing, and content managing, one would say, wow the world is gradually becoming a global village oh yea that’s true if you’ve probably heard of information marketing, or content marketing, then you might have heard of the word “Blog” and what it entails.

But if you’ve probably heard of this, and you are wondering, asking yourself questions like what is a blog? Who is a blogger? And what does blogging entails, then I’ll advice you go through my previous episodes on The Beginners Blogging Guide as everything you need to know about blogging basics is all in the article I published on beginner blogging. However, if you’ve learned about beginner blogging, and now know and understand what the term blogging really entails just in case you wish to press further and take your blogging skills to the next level then you’re in the right place. So I hope you enjoy it.

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However, after several attempts to breaking down the term “Blogging”,  in my previous episode on the beginners blogging guide, comes this self-explanatory article I tagged 7 reasons why people need to start a blog in 2019. Like you all know, apart from the fact that blogging expands your knowledge, Blogging is also one legitimate way of making cool money from the internet and there are also other things one stand to gain especially if you are a beginner blogger whether young or old, and also, blogging doesn’t restrict gender so am just going to go straight to the point here.

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According to iLearn Guide, we thought of these reasons and after much research and thoughts on this topic, we came up with these 7 reasons listed below;

  1. Blogging Helps To Build Your Name And Followers.

If you are new to the blogging industry, well I’ll tell you its one way of making yourself famous by writing useful articles, you stand a chance to build a large number of followers especially when your followers tend to like your article. So blogging Is a credible way of building your name, yourself, and it’s a wonderful way for people to find you.

7 Reasons Why You Should Blog 2019

  1. Owning a Blog in 2019, Helps You Become A Better Writer.

Well if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to write or read long lengthy article or status messages, then this article isn’t for you but if you are willing to learn how to write, I’ll advise that you follow our episode on How to Become a Better a Great Content Developer Overnight. So when you blog, it helps enhance your skills in writing and also helps you to build a writing career and also aid your career in the world of information marketing.

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  1. Owning a Blog in 2019 Helps You Get Subscribers

Blogging helps you build a community by collecting peoples email addresses by means of getting people or your web users subscribe to your blog and again making you able to get back to all your contacts and followers. Especially when you write a new article or newsletter and you want it to get to a large number of people.

Basically, this is one sure way of collecting peoples email and turning them to your blogs committed followers. For example; I want to collect emails all I just need to do is to write a well structured article like How to Target Your Competitors Keyword and Completely Outrank Them and when my web users come across such article, they read through by clicking on this article if they find it interesting and helpful, then I’ll put a subscription link telling my web users to subscribe so as to get more of my interesting articles or newsletters to their emails. And this helps you to maintain contacts with your web users just in case you get locked out any event, subscription plan or package. And it’s also a different way of connecting to people on a large level, especially if you plan to go into email marketing.

  1. Owning a Blog in 2019 Gives You Credibility

When talking with people on social media platforms like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platform. Blogging is one way of earning credibility and trust as it opens you to get these social media followers to visit your blog so they can continue reading your articles there and also subscribe to your blog. So you stand to build more contacts, emails or followers base.

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  1. It Makes You A Consultant To Many

Blogging gives you one-way ticket to becoming both online and offline consultant and also makes you a resource person to enlighten people on the internet making you and your blog a bit more popular either way work. So if you plan to be a problem solver and an internet counselor and consultant in the future, this is one way you can achieve that. However it all depends on your niche and what you choose to blog about. Blogging is a totally free platform to express yourself, ideas, thoughts, and views on a particular topic or matter.

7 Reasons Why You Should Blog in 2019
7 Reasons Why You Should Blog in 2019
  1. Owning a Blog in 2019, Positions You As An Expert & CEO

Blogging positions you as an expert since you’re not just some random online coach who uses social media platform to solve problem but it positions you as one who pushed online coaching to the next phase especially for the fact that you own a website that you’ve dedicated so much time to and that already makes you the CEO of your web property. so you’re not just going to be some random coach online and you know what? It does give you credibility and some level of trust especially if you decide to sell your products to your web users and followers.

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reason you should blog

  1. It’s A Legitimate Way Of Making Money Online

Oh, yeah, you heard me right. Blogging is one great way of making money online and there are different ways of making money online off blogging some of which are through Ads Modelling Mediums or Ads Networks like; Google Adsense, Fomo, Propeller, Taboola, E.t.c.

Also through affiliate marketing, product selling and you can also sell Ads space within your blog if you wish to especially when your blog drives high monthly traffic. So if you are an online freak like me and you’ve read through this article, you can simply delve into it fully if you want to it’s a matter of choice as I will be right here to guide you. If you are new to blogging or you have a blog or website and don’t know how to earn from it you can follow my episode on How to do that here.

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