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ILearnGuide is a DIY (Do it Yourself), Educational, Career and Informational Blog that is designed to help solve problems related to its niche and it’s earned it’s place in serving as a great DIY Blog.

And not Only Problem solving, ilearnguide.com is also an educational blog that help provide students with educational resource materials, Tips and Topics on how to become a better student and also improve in your learning skills as a student.
Also iLearnGuide serves as a reliable source for young people to learn how to make money online equipping both young and old with well detailed and structured tips on how they can make money online legitimately. note these tips are tested and trusted as proofs will also be punlished in text, image and video forms.
As we try to gather possible ways to make money online and publish these tested methods with our mind blowing topics under Making Money Online such as Affiliate Marketing, Online Marketing, Mini Importation Business, Dropshipping, Facebook Manager & PR Jobs, Freelancing Online, and so many more.


iLearnGuide promise to also help it’s Web users achieve about 95% result as we try to make our articles readable, well detailed and structured with contents; text, image, and instructional videos to help you achieve 100% result and remember these tips are absolutely free and easy to learn from even as a beginner.
Other Topics treated here are NouOnline with important information related to NOUN and its students, Blogging Tips, SEO Tips, Blogging and SEO Mistakes, WordPress Tips and Tricks, Adsense, Career development topics, Digital Marketing Tips and so much more. This will be made possible by our Menu’s in which these topics are going to exist in Categories such as Make Money Online, Blogging, NOUN, Articles and more.

About iLearnGuide Authors

Our authors are a team of expert who has gone through series of tests and interviews and so far gained enough experience in the world of Content Creation, Content management and content marketing and over here at iLearnGuide we believe in this simple philosophy which says “If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing well” oh Yea so keep In touch and also don’t forget to share your testimonials as this is one great way of encouraging us here.
Our Lead Authors include Mfon Akpan Gift

About ilearnguide Mfon Akpan Gift

About Mfon Akpan Gift

Mfon Akpan Gift is a young Entrepreneur, a Pro Blogger, an SEO Expert, Programmer and also a Certified Digital Marketer (Internet Marketer) who has affected the lives of many with useful and insightful tips on tech and Entertainment. With his Blog Notedlifestyles which has secured him a place in Domain and page Authority of the World Wide Web.

Mfon Gift Akpan is also a Webmaster and has designed websites with great SEO performance earning these websites a “Grade A Certificate” in SEO and these sites include Notedlifestyles, Talkingchristianityng, Richnuggets amongst others.


Apart from the aforementioned Mfon Akpan Gift has also got himself a certificate in security, communication and integration, is a multimedia professional and currently the brain behind Gift Best Photography, Notedlifestyles.com and ilearnguide.com. He’s a ventured capitalist and also an educationist. With all these knowledge and experience Mfon Akpan Gift has earned his place in becoming an Author at iLearnGuide.

Mfon Akpan Gift who is also Known as Alexm Akpan by friend’s is currently studying Computer Science in a Prestigious University of which he’s one of the brightest with excellent results.