How to Add Codes in WordPress Code Section Without Getting Any Error Reports

How to Paste Codes in WordPress Website Code Section Correctly, Without Getting Any Error Report

paste codes in WordPress Code Section

Blogging for me is fun. with lots of experience gathered about blogging and its secrets, makes it even more fun. Especially helping in one way or the other to solve common problems that surrounds bloggers experience. If you are new to blogging kindly check out my Beginners Blogging Guide for everything you need to know about blogging. Have you ever wondered why you keep seeing error reports, in your WordPress dashboard whenever you try adding codes to the WordPress code section of your website, through; Appearance/Editor in your WordPress Control Panel?

Have you ever tried pasting your Adsense Verification Code in the WordPress code section, or maybe search engines verification codes and other ads network verification codes, e.t.c using the WordPress Control Panel? well if you have, and you keep getting error reports, then this article is for you.

Why Do I Keep Getting This Error Report?

Truth is, the reason why you keep getting these error reports is as a result of wrong use of code and this happens, when you temper with your website codes wrongly it ends up creating or leaving a bug for you to resolve or debug but we are not going to go into all that shit (please don’t mind my use of language).

So if you’ve probably made this mistake in one way or the other and you are looking for a way out, then here’s how I corrected mine and today I can add codes to my WordPress code section of my website, anytime any day.

paste codes in WordPress Code Section

Note that you will be required to login to your Host account control panel and your WordPress control panel as the case may be. Your host account control panel will be for correcting this error while your WordPress control panel is what you’ll have to use to verify the change.

Below are simple steps to take to add these important codes to your code section of your WordPress Website.

Step 1

login to your host account (for me my host account is iPage) control panel, for me on your dashboard click on “File Manager”

Step 2

Open click on “ROOT DIRECTORY”

paste codes in WordPress Code Section

Step 3

Click on “Public_html” and open it

Step 4

Open “WP-Content” and double click on it.

paste codes in WordPress Code Section

Step 5

Double click on “theme” as the codes you are about to paste is within the theme section of you your file manager in your host control panel

paste codes in WordPress Code Section

Step 6

locate the particular theme you are using for your website or blog. For me I am using a premium theme called Redwaves and so I’ll double click on Redwave.

paste codes in WordPress Code Section

Step 7

open the redwave theme and locate the “header.php” file, click edit, scroll up and locate <header> now kindly paste the code beneath the opening tag and before the closing tag <header> tag.

paste codes in WordPress Code Section

Step 8

Scroll down and hit the save button. That’s all!

Meanwhile, login to your WordPress Control Panel, click; “Appearance” on the left side bar of your WordPress Dashboard and select editor on the top right corner. Select the current theme you’re using, click on header and edit the WordPress code after which, click confirm the verification codes you just pasted from your host account control panel through its file manager.

paste codes in WordPress Code Section

just in case you get confused, kindly leave a comment below for better experience from our experts.

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