How to Apply for USA and UK Adsense Account in Nigeria

How to apply for USA or UK Adsense Account Here in Nigeria and Verify the Account.

UK Adsense Are you looking for a US or UK Adsense Account? Have you tried to apply before but failed or ended up applying for a Nigeria account? Did you even give it a try?  Or you simply don’t know how to go about it or get it? Or maybe you see internet marketers offering to sell but you are a bit skeptical about buying from them? Oh yea I don’t even advice you to do so but if you try buying from internet marketers whatever you see you’ll take. Now, i’ll be talking on “how to apply for UK Google Adsense Account” along side with the steps to take to get approved almost immediately but if you are new to blogging and you want to learn, kindly refer to my previous series on The Beginners Blogging Guide as everything you need to know about blogging is all written there.

Generally, bloggers find it very difficult to apply for Adsense account or to even get Google Adsense Account approved in their blog especially for beginner bloggers (young, up and coming bloggers). Have you been complaining about your Google Adsense Account, or maybe you want to try something new by signing up for a US or UK Adsense Account? Did you even try to apply and was turned down well it shows that; there are something that you are really not doing right. But that’s for another article.

Before going into full details, I am going to share my testimony of how I got my clients blog, Google Adsense Account approved in less than 12 hours. Oh yes you heard me right 12 hours it’s possible and below is the proof.

usa or uk adsense

Common Mistakes Bloggers Make When Applying For Google Adsense Account

However, there are common mistakes bloggers make before applying for Adsense and the first of it all is caused by impatience. I mean; how can a blogger design a blog today and next thing he or she knows is to apply for Google Adsense? It’s not done anywhere and Mr Google isn’t going to approve your Adsense that way; simply because there are lots of things that is lacking on that new blog of yours. Oh yes google might disapprove your Adsense request as a result of insufficient contents. why don’t you gather enough contents until one month and apply. At least by then you would have successfully gathered and published enough contents. And this make it easy for google to easily go through your blog and approve its Adsense account application.

Also, there are other things you should watch out for; like the Privacy Policy, Contact Us and About us Page and for some case Disclaimer page these pages are also very important when you want to apply for Adsense and also do ensure that you don’t have broken links and zombie pages this is bad for SEO and also for Google Adsense Approval.

Below are some steps to employ to get a UK Google Adsense Account. Kindly follow these steps carefully.

Step 1: Ensure you have a custom domain before applying for Google Adsense Account as this will make it quicker or much easier for you to get Google Adsense Approval. After which the account started generating

usa or uk adsense

How to Apply for US or UK Adsense Account.

  1. Ensure that you have a working email address you wish to use for the US or UK Adsense Account Approval. A Gmail account to be precise
  2. Ensure you’ve not used this email to apply for Google Adsense Because if you have used it on another account, it will not work. Please create a new Gmail Account for the US or UK Google Adsense application.
  3. Go to Google Adsense Home Directory or by using and click on get started or signup
  4. Now input you website or blog’s home directory or URL eg. .net or whatever the extension may be and click enter
  5. Fill the form given; name, surname, don’t worry you can use a Nigeria phone number and key in a UK address and postal code of the region you wish to use if you have one already. But if you have no UK Address and postal code to put, not to worry I wrote a well detailed article on How To Generate a UK Address and Postal Code here for the address given.
  6. Copy the verification code given to you by Google Adsense and paste the code below the header tag of your website. For example paste the code in between the header open tag, and the header close tag like the example below.

<header> paste the verification code here </header>

  1. Go back to Google Adsense page and click on “Verify Property” to verify the code you just pasted.

Next is to wait patiently for Google to approve your UK Google Adsense account. Sometimes it takes less than 24 hours but one thing is certain you’ll definitely get a reply.

usa or uk adsense

How to Get a Legit UK Address and Postal Code

I am going to show you, a simple tool or service, I normally use anytime I am in serious need of a United State or United Kingdom Address and postal code. It’s a simple tool or service named; “Shoptomydoor”. What this website does is; “It offers shop-to-door-service”. But as for the reason why this article was created; I want to use this tool or service to setup accurate USA or UK Address and Postal Code, so as to apply for a USA or United Kingdom Adsense.

Below, is a simple way i make this possible.

Step 1: Go to, click on Join now to signup, input all the requested information and hit the signup button

Step 2: Verify your; “Shoptomydoor Account” by logging into your email account.

Step 3: Fill in your; Nigeria Address, State and City and click next.

Step 4: Congratulatory message. Beneath it is your different addresses. Your United State, UK and Nigeria address like the picture below;

Step 5: You have successfully signed up for an account.

Note; for a better understanding with pictorial guides, kindly refer to my article on How to Get a Legitimate USA or UK Address and Postal Code so as to gain full understanding on this just in case you are new into blogging.

I am glad you could finish this article. Hope it was helpful? If “Yes”, kindly tell us what you gained. If “No” kindly ask questions for clearer understanding. Don’t forget to share with friends.

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