Beginner Blogging Guide – Blogging Basics All You Need

The Beginner Blogging Guide Series

Blogging Basics and Everything You Need to Know.

Beginner Blogging Guide - Blogging Basics
Beginner Blogging Guide

Hello there, today we are going to be discussing a course I title The Beginner Blogging Guide all you need to know about Blogging basics and every other thing you need to know about blogging. Like we do hear people say “I am a blogger” or “I have a blog” and often a times, what beats our imagination is “what is a blog, is it a name of a job, A Banking firm Or a company? Well if you fall on these categories of people and you simply do not have a clue about what a blog is really all about, or simply do not have a clue about blogging, then this article is for you.

What you need to know

However, my beginner blogging guide course will not be complete if I don’t clearly explain some of the big questions people ask that is related to blogging, with questions such as what is a blog, why blog, what do bloggers do, who are bloggers, what is the difference between a blog and a website, how much do bloggers generate, how do bloggers get paid, where does blog money comes from, and what are the things I need to know about blogging before I go into it full time? Well if you are here on my article and is probably reading it right now, but seem confused then not to worry as these will all be explained in detail.

beginner blogging guide
Beginner Blogging Guide

Beginner Blogging Guide Explained In Details

  • What is a Blog?

It is simply a web platform where people publish ideas about something. According to the English dictionary,

“A blog is a regular record of your thoughts, opinion or experience; you put on the internet for people to read”.

For example, I have a website called iLearnGuide, where I write articles and teach people on how to blog and everything they need to know. So this kind of website, is a blog. Simply because its a web platform where I share my ideas, opinion and experience.

As clearly stated in the explanation above, blogging is simply the art of writing your thoughts, ideas, and opinion on a particular topic or field after which you share it to the general public via a website.

From Wikipedia explanation, it say that;

“A blog (A truncation of the expression “web log”) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary style text entries called posts”.

And this exists in two forms A Blog (web log) and Vlog (Video blog). Now this brings us to the next question.

  • Why Blog?

Although people go into blogging for different reasons some blog for passion, some blog to improve their writing skills, another set of people, blog just to air their views on a particular subject matter and most likely others blog so as to get paid (Internet Marketers).

  • What is the difference between a blog and a website?

The truth is, there is really no difference between a website and a blog as a blog exist on the platform of a website and so it’s probably the same thing. Meanwhile, whatsoever exists within the world wide web is a website or a blog

  • Who are bloggers?

A blogger is someone who owns a blog, and write articles to express his or her own opinion for public consumption and it can be in any topic either in writing or video format.

  • What does bloggers do?

Bloggers, write articles or prepare contents so it can be published on their blogs, or on other blogs via guest posting to build Do-follow and No-follow backlinks and also to build domain and page authority. And this exists in two platforms, a Blog and Vlog.

  • How do bloggers receive payment?

If I am correct, I know you will probably be wondering how bloggers make money online? Well, the answer is here. Bloggers make money online through blog monetization either via CPC (Cost per Click) or CPC by placing ads banner on their website. Below are the most common ways bloggers monetize their blogs.

  1. Cost per Click (CPC) or Pay per Click (PPC): These are the kind of ads that normally appears like banners on a blog or website and it’s the kind of ads you place inside content or post and also on the header sidebar or footer of your blog.
  2. Cost per 1000 Impression (CPM): These are the kind of ads that allows payment based on the number of people that views any ads placed on your website or blog. And in return, pays you a fixed amount for it. I have successfully explained how bloggers make money online now let’s talk about the most common platform in which they use. Although there are several platforms that bloggers use to earn via placing these types of ads and one among the common ones is Google Adsense.

Beginner Blogging Guide Walk Through

beginner blogging guide
Beginner Blogging Guide

I believe you might be wondering; how is it possible to look for advertisers, who will come advertise in a blog especially in this fast growing world that has too many competition.

Well you’re correct in thinking that way in fact, I had once think that way until I did a research online and later found out that there are popular Ads Network for example, “Google Adsense”

As such, iLearnGuide created Beginner Blogging Guide to help cater for blogging needs of bloggers.

However, you don’t need to start working for advertisers as this Ads Network are the only platform that most likely do all the rough works E.g Ads Network get in touch or have direct contact with these advertisers of which they use various blog on the web platform to place the different Ads banner depending on the type of Ads relevant to the contents or niche of a particular blog.

How much money does blogging generate and how much do bloggers make?

Well if you ask me I will tell you that bloggers earn so much. Talk of the 8 and 10 figures then most bloggers that have much traffic earns big time. One thing is certain that bloggers earn from bloging in as much as they’re ready and willing to do the leg work, I believe they can make money from blogging.

For example, According to the CEO, Syed Balkhi of WpBeginner,the site pulls so much from traffic as at the last report it’s CEO published on its blog that WpBeginner earns 100,000$. However, wpbeginner was launched on July 4th, 2009 as a resource targeted for WordPress beginners and DIY users.

Since then, WPBeginner has become the largest free WordPress resource site in the industry.

Where does blog money come from?

Money made from blogs, come from advertisers, via different ads network. And these ads network makes direct contact with the various advertisers.

Ads networks like Google Adsense, then place advertisers ads in form of banners within blogs under them, enabling these advertisers ads to show in blogs so they can be viewed by blog web users. This is how and where bloggers make money from.

What Do I Need to know before I start blogging?

beginner blogging guide
Beginner Blogging Guide

Well, there isn’t no such thing like “when you blog you must make money” or “you must be rich as a blogger”. Since a blog is a web platform people use to express their selves by sharing thoughts and opinions and putting these thoughts and opinions into writing. And so it is not a “Get Rich Quick” venture or a “Ponzi Scheme”

However, a blog needs time to grow, so input time into it and it will definitely yield income overtime. Believe me I once thought that way “That all bloggers makes money” until I got into it and found out myself so for me now I blog for passion, that’s why i release this Beginner Blogging Guide course for upcoming blogger to learn from so they don’t repeat the same mistake and I write about what I love writing about now. So before going into blogging full time, you might want to ask yourself these questions;

  • Why blogging?
  • Is it what I can really do or am just going into it to waste my time?
  • Is blogging really my passion?
  • Will I have much attention and time to give to it?
  • What if money I don’t make money so early will I still be persistent and passionate about it? Yes or No?

In Addition, on Beginner Blogging Guide

Well if yes then it shows that you are in the right path to this course so you can begin your journey on how to use iLearnGuide for Best Results. Here, I will teach you how to go about blogging the right way as a beginner from scratch to the professional level. Kindly follow my 3 Point Beginner Blogging Guide on how to become an excellent blogger and make enough cool cash for yourself within a short period of time. Below is a list of my Three (3) Point Beginner Blogging Guide to learn from;

Beginner Blogging Guide To Learn From;

  1. Blogging the right way – How to setup a Blog for Beginners and become a pro blogger
  2. Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Best SEO practices for Beginners and become an SEO Expert.
  3. Learn All About How to monetize your Blog and Make Money Online, How to get your Google Adsense Account Approved and how I got Google Adsense approval in less than 12 hours.


I guess the Beginner Blogging Guide has been a long article learning about blogging the right way and how it works well if this article was helpful. Do ensure you give us some feedback by leaving us a comment in the comment box below.

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