Black Hat SEO – How Black Hat Link Building Affect SEO

Black Hat SEO – The Side Effect of This Kind of Link Building Technique

Black Hat SEOIn this article, we are going to be discussing Black Hat SEO and how it brings negative impact to your website or blog. However, following the previous changes on Google’s algorithm which targeted; security, site’s user-friendliness, rankings, page layout, amongst others, comes link building. If you are new to Blogging, Kindly refer to my Beginner Blogging Guide for Newbies Blogger.

Link building is one key technique bloggers use to scale through and rank higher above their competitors but so many other bloggers in recent times have turned the wrong way by trying to outsmart search engines. But the popular search guru stepped it higher with yet an update to its algorithm which was meant to tackle black hats and spam from finding their way and creeping into Google search results.

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Why Build Bad Links (Black Hat SEO)?

Building bad links come in several ways and most times. Google uses its secret formula to fetch out these bad links. These search indexing formulas are kept a secret of which only Google and other search engine knows. So when you buy links and channel traffic to a particular web-page; it is considered unwise. Since search engines like Google hate; link buying and invalid traffic as this is considered as black hat SEO and is one mistake that can hurt your site’s SEO.

Black Hat SEO is simply described as a deceptive Manipulative SEO strategy, techniques or tactics that optimize only for Google and other search engines but not for web or internet users. Black hat SEO will do your blog more harm than good. Of course you end up getting massive traffic from it but in the end, you end up tempering or hurting your sites rankings.

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In my journey to blogging the right way, I was very careful so as to avoid any black hat SEO tactics; Because, in as much as I want to get more traffic and conversions for my new blog, I also didn’t want to  hurt the rankings of in Google, Bing and other search engines.

Black Hat Link Building Walk Through

Most bloggers spend time building links and most times, it might hurt your site’s SEO or even puts you into trouble. Like the saying; “too much of everything is bad” huh? Oh, yea you heard me right. Please get me right; I am not trying to say that building links is bad, I am simply trying to say that when building links, ensure that you build both “do follow” and “no follow” links simultaneously and also, for new blogs, ensure that your backlinks lead directly to your blog’s homepage directory and webpage’s simultaneously so as to enable you to build both domains authority and page authority. That way you won’t get caught or penalized by search engines. For better understanding; read through my guide on What backlinks are, and Why is it Important for SEO.

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How to Build Links Guest Posting on Top Forums

So even if you want to build links using guest posting to link back to your blog posts; it is advisable you do some guest posting in some of these big websites or blogs like; Reddit, Warrior’s Forum, Nairaland, and the likes. Then input an anchor link beneath your guest post to serve as backlinks in any of these high domain authority websites.

If your guest post appears helpful, it may easily turn into conversions that our readers will definitely click on your links and visit your blog from these top blogs you guest post in. one will say, why buy links or traffic? Well the truth is this; high domain/authority website’s already had gotten some level of trust from search engines and when search engines like Google crawls your website or blog and see a high DA websites, linking back to your blog, it gives search engines the impression that your article is valuable, rich and engaging especially when web visitors keep on leaving a comment in that particular blog post. Build high-quality backlinks from website’s or blogs, with high domain authority and high page authority.

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Also, before buying links; it is advisable to first guest post, in a top blog with high DA and PA, putting your blog’s home directory and webpage in it, and channel the links you buy to these domain authority websites and if your content appear helpful, these paid traffic turns into conversions through redirection, for example, let me show you a secret I use to rank in SERP;

How To Avoid Bad Links Building

Do a proper keyword research and find a keyword e.g; “Blogging secrets” with low competition but high search volume, now, write a well-structured article around; “Blogging secrets” by implementing; On-Page SEO techniques alongside, ensure your blog post readability Score is okay. Now, publish this article next is to go to a search engine webmaster; I use Google search console to submit a sitemap by fetching link as Google and then I get indexed, now if peradventure my blog post make it to, page two in Google search engine result page and I want to tout rank other blogs over ranking me in SERP, I’ll simple outrank them, by buying links and getting more traffic than my competitors are getting.

How to Buy Backlinks – Black Hat SEO Tricks

I’m about to show you a secret that works like wildfire. Which is; how to buy backlinks to your blog get massive traffic without getting caught or penalized? So now; if I want to buy links from a freelancer at Fiverr, or from other website’s that sells backlinks, here’s the steps I take to ensuring I don’t get caught is in that article.

Instead of using black hats SEO why not employ the use of white hat SEO techniques to improve your sites rankings, and make your site more engaging so as to increase its trust from search engines. White hat SEO techniques help to optimize web pages for users, instead of search engines. For me, I only use white hat techniques to help search engines bots, crawlers or spider; read, crawl, and find my website or blog in their search engine result pages.

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