Blog Meaning for Newbies and How Blogging Works

blog meaning

Blog Meaning for Beginners and how Blogging Works

In recent time, blogging has grown to become a source of reaching out to a large number of people, via the internet. And so far, blog meaning can come in various forms or ways pending on how people might want to define it but it all boils down to one thing which is, a blog is a regularly updated website with contents that are either helpful and wasteful. for more info, kindly go through The Beginners Blogging Guide where I explained practical blogging in details.

Blog Meaning, According to Wikipedia Encyclopedia; the term blog means;

A blog (a truncation of the expression “weblog“) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts).

What Blogging Means According to a dictionary;

The term blog is; A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

So for me, a blog is a website, with regularly updated articles, in the form of blog posts. Haven know about what the term blog means, let’s proceed further to explain how a blog works. Blogging works in a very organized way since the invention of search engine optimization. That is; for a blog to be recognized all over the world it has to be optimized for search engine bots to see, crawl or read and understand before it finally indexes the blog post. So for professionals blogging is serious business since it has to do with disseminating information all around the world wide web. However, this brings us to the explanations in details.

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Blog Meaning and How Blogging Works

blog meaningBlogging works collectively with website appearance; user experience, user interface, blog post, images, videos, audios, files, etc. All these are attributes that make up a blog especially for a blog post and the appearance of a blog (Graphical user interface). This brings us to break down the aforementioned terms in explaining Blog Meaning.

Blog Appearance:

This website’s appearance comes in two forms. Front end and back end. Like we say back-end is sometimes rough but the front end is the ice in the cake. So appearance holds the graphical user interface, user experience and user interface of a blog. Blog appearance is simply the way a blog looks when browsing through its webpages. Also, most web designers employ the use of themes or templates to make the job easy and beautiful. However, I did explain in details on How to Improve Website Appearance for Bloggers here.

Blog Post:

This is usually the article/content on a website or blog or the articles a blogger publishes in his or her blog. These write-ups come in different forms. Some blog post comes with a combination of; text, images, audio, video or documents/files. Blog Posts are arranged in an organized manner before it’s published on the internet. However, blog posts are usually displayed in reverse chronological order so as to ensure; the most recent article or blog post, displays first, at the top of a web page, of the homepage of a website or blog.

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Images: this is files bloggers use to explain their point of view via pictorial representations. Images enhance blog posts and its importance are so numerous too as some help to keep users engaged while others help boost user experience.

Video: videos can be in the form of reproduction, recording, or broadcasting of moving visual images. It can be in form or tutorials, educational or informational.

Documents & Files: these are contents wrapped inside a file or document. This comes in different extensions and file formats like; .doc, .xls/.xlsx, .exe, .ipsw, .pdf, etc.

blog meaning

What Makes Up a Blog?

After understanding blog meaning, the next thing to know is what a blog comprises of. However, apart from the fact that blogging has to do with collective and creative work, blogging needs the following things to function as a complete blog. A blog must have an appearance, a user experience, a user interface, a blog post, images, videos, audios, files, etc. In a nutshell, all these make up a blog especially for a blog post and the blog’s appearance (Graphical user interface) which so far is one of the most important assets of a blog. This brings us explaining what the aforementioned means in details.

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How Does Blogging Work?

According to my explanation on blog meaning where I had to split blog properties into sections, blogging works collectively alongside with its appearance, user experience, user interface, blog post, images, videos, audios, files, etc.

All these make up a blog especially for a blog post and a blog’s appearance (Graphical user interface). This brings us to break down the term of how blogging works. Since blogging serves as an online platform for sharing ideas and opinions, blogging has also grown to become a means internet marketers, reach out to web users, generate leads, create conversions, and make sales.

So blogging has now improved to becoming a stitch in time. Since the invention of search engines, blogging has never been this interesting as bloggers now leverage the power of search engines so as to help them reach a large number of persons.

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Also, these search engines also have their algorithmic formulas by which they use to sort contents that they want to project from their search engine result pages for general consumption. Meanwhile in a course to know blog meaning, this Brings us to our next question which is;

Who is a Blogger?

A blogger is anyone who owns a blog with or without regularly updated contents. Although updating a blog regularly has its own benefits, but some bloggers end up writing helpful contents once in a while and use the other time to optimize for that content to be seen in search engines.

For example; Brian Dean of Backlinko said in one of his boot-camp that he only has about 36 quality and helpful blog posts that he does nothing else but to optimize it for search engines indexation and rankings.

However, bloggers are in different forms and categories in which makes it easier to know the particular field a blogger is interested in. However; there are bloggers that are; niche oriented while there are also others that aren’t.

Meanwhile, bloggers that are niche related or niche-oriented are bloggers that are known for a particular type of blog post or trend. For example; one who writes only about fashion, health, education, etc. The broadcast media such as; News, politics, entertainment, and celebrity gossips, etc., are known for general information.

A blogger that writes about fashion, is known as; a fashion blogger, a health therapist who has a blog and publishes contents on his or her blog with regularly updated contents on health is also known as a health blogger.

For instance; when a nutritionist who is a professional in his or her field, and bring this profession online by publishing contents in his or her blog; he or she is then referred to as a; nutrition blogger, while a journalist who writes on politics, entertainment, sport, news, education, etc are all known for their niche.

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Examples of Bloggers:

After understanding the meaning of a blog, next is to know their examples. Now am going to list some examples of famous bloggers you know or might have cut across his or her content and some you don’t know. And my listings start with;

Mfon Akpan Gift fondly called; Alexm Akpan by friends is a successful blogger who owns and also works hand in hand with ilearnguide to ensure he gives back to society by helping another aspiring, upcoming and professional bloggers grow their traffic and help them achieve success in the blogging sphere. He is a Google certified digital marketer, a professional blogger, and an SEO expert. Know more and hire Mfon Akpan Gift for that successful internet dream of yours.

  • Brian Dean

Brian Dean is the founder of Backlinko, a practical tutor that is an internationally recognized, SEO expert. Backlinko has grown to become a popular go-to resource for actionable SEO and content marketing advice.

  • Neil Patel

Born on 24 of April 1985. The 34 years old in London united kingdom; Neil Patel the world’s renowned strategist who is a master of his craft and also, is the founder of, Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg. Neil is popularly known for his helpful blogging and digital marketing tips all around the world today.

  • Syed Balkhi

Is the founder of WPBeginner which is a free WordPress resource website for either Beginner in blogging and professionals. Syed founded WPBeginner in July 2009. And the main goal and purpose of this site are to provide quality tips, tricks, hacks, and other WordPress resources that allows WordPress users whether beginners or pro, to improve on their website or blogs.

  • Seun Osewa

Oluwaseun Temitope Osewa is a Nigerian internet entrepreneur. Seun is the founder of Nairaland is a popular internet forum launched in March 2005, and was projected as the biggest African forum by Forbes. Also, YNaija listed Seun as one of the most innovative Nigerians in technology.

  • Linda Ikeji

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji (born 19 September 1980) is a Nigerian blogger, writer, entrepreneur and former model. Linda’s known for her blog. Linda Ikeji is a Blogger, an entrepreneur, and a writer. ‎Linda Ifeoma Ikeji, born on 19 September 1980 is also a happy mother of Jayce Jeremi married to Sholaye Jeremi

  • Laila Ijeoma Obiagwu

born in Aba on 12th August 1984, in Abia state, Nigeria. Laila Ijeoma Uzochinyere Obiagwu is an ex-banker who made a shocking wave in 2017 after news emerged about her quitting her multi-million naira banking job for blogging. Laila is the CEO and founder of a very popular blog; now

  • Makinde Azeez

Born on December 10, 1989. The 29 years old is a young Nigeria entrepreneur who has earned a place in the blogging sphere hall of fame he has to his name the Nomination of City People Music Award for Music Website of the Year and has done so much for himself. Makinde Azeez is the CEO and founder of

  • Kemi Filani

Born on October 11 in Ekiti state, Nigeria is a renowned young Nigerian blogger, columnist, and entrepreneur.

Kemi Filani is the CEO of where she publishes daily contents on news, entertainment, weddings, and celebrity gossips.

Kemi is beautiful and intelligent and also the founder of, having carved a niche for herself in the blogging industry.

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Blogging Meaning in Relation to Types of Blogs:

There are diverse types of blogs out there on the world wide web. And since the world of content creation is growing every day the need for specific niches arises everyday and these blog types exist in various forms which are; Educational and Informational Blogs, Health Blogs, Discussion Blogs (Forums), Consultancy Blogs, Blog reviews websites and more

Example of Blogs:

There are so many blogs on the world wide web and there are also different types of blogs like we earlier mentioned. So I’m going to be listing out 10 blogs from different categories.

  • (Forum)

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How Bloggers Make Money Online:

Owning a successful blog takes so much from bloggers, their time, money, commitment, dedication and so much more but in the end, there are several means bloggers make money out of their blog. Will list the few ones here and some of which are; through ads networks like Google, Fomo, propeller, Taboola, Mgid, and so many others, also through affiliate marketing and via selling ads space. So far I hope you’ve been able to get a bit from what Blog entails. Follow my Make money online blogging series for more information on; how to make money from blogging.


Haven known all this I hope you have been able to understand blog meaning and how blogs work alongside with what it entails and who run blogs. This brings us to the next question which is How do I learn blogging as a beginner to ensure I become successful and popular? The topics below will guide you on how to successfully design your own blog and write to educate and for passion and also learn the Common Mistakes Bloggers Make.

Remember there are lots of people out there that need this information kindly share so it can get to them.

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