Blogger and WordPress – How to Create a Free Blog

Steps to Create a Free Blog for Beginners Everything You Need to Know

how to create free blogs using blogger or wordpress

When I first heard of the word; “create a free blogs” using “Blogger or WordPress”, it pricked my interest to inquire what its all about. And after some series of research I go to know what the term blogging implies. Now if you are a newbie or a beginner, who want to go into blogging for best reasons known to you, then I’ll advise that you quickly do some research on what blogging entails or you can follow my Beginner Blogging Guide Series where I wrote a well detail and structured article so you can learn as a fresher what blogging is really all about.

This course will teach you how to setup a free blog for yourself and put you in the right part of becoming a successful blogger. Yea it’s no big deal in fact, iLearnGuide was setup in just one day like the name implies, is a “Do it Yourself” Blog (DIY) that teaches it’s web users especially bloggers, how to do it their self and develop their skill in blogging.

Although there are so many websites that offer free websites/blogs platform, but among them is this two most common web platform recommended for newbies to create free blogs below;

  1. Blogger

  2. WordPress

However, I am not telling you that there are just two ways you can create free blogs, but am only teaching these two common free blog web platforms most especially the aforementioned, of which I’ll later dwell more on WordPress. I’ll tell you the reason and it is simply because WordPress tends to be more complicated if you are using it for the first time but easy to manipulate, with time also when you get to master and understand it. Now let’s go straight to the point, by explaining the two most common web platforms on the World Wide Web today.

Below are steps on how to set up a free blog, using Blogger or WordPress;

how to create free blogs using blogger or wordpress

  1. Blogger

This is one of the most common web platforms which provide the necessary tools and gadgets, needed for building an effective blog. It is simple and users can easily manipulate it and start creating free blogs through its link com kindly click on the link, and begin your journey to create that free blog of your. Carefully follow the steps Below;

  • Step 1:

    Open your browser and key in this directory and hit the enter button. If you are confused, search for Blogger in Google Search and click on create a Blog.

  • Step 2:

    Sign in by filling your details if you already have an account with blogger (Blogger is owned by Google and so if you have a Google account, you can just sign in with that), but if you don’t have a Gmail account, you’ll have to signup directly from the blogger tab. Every website needs an email address in which I can use to keep important information concerning my website. Kindly key in your correct details and hit the signup or create blog button

  • Step 3:

    In the next window, is where you have to input your free blog title, url (website directory) and you can also pick a theme or template of your choice so you have a list of different themes and pick whichever theme that pricks your interest.

  • Step 4: 

    Click on “Create Blog”. Congratulations your blog has successfully been created, you can now begin your blogging journey. The next phase will be setting your free blogger site up. Of which it will require you to publish content, add categories, pages, labels and layout to bring out the blog GUI (Graphical User Interface) and this also adds to the blogger website appearance.

blogger and wordpress

Additional Things to Note When You Want to Create a Free Blogs Using Blogger or WordPress

NB: Using free blogs is good as you have nothing to lose using it. But it makes URL longer for example, for blogger, instead of;, it becomes However, it doesn’t really matter for now, especially for the purpose of understanding how to blog as a newbie. In fact it helps you as a beginner to try a whole lot of things as you really have nothing to lose using it. It is also a platform given to learn new things about blogging and their manipulations so it’s the best way to practice whatever you learn here until you are satisfied with your learning and you are ready to buy a host account and register a domain name, but this time blog on a professional level.

how to create free blogs using blogger or wordpress

  1. WordPress

This is one of the most common web platforms which provide the necessary tools and gadgets, needed for building an effective website or blog. In fact, this is the most common and top content management system in our world today. It is simple, with the right tools, and users can easily manipulate it based on its drag and drop features and plug-in which makes blogging with WordPress fun and exciting and for us here at iLearnGuide we use WordPress as our CMS. You can start building your free WordPress blog, through its link so kindly click on the link; wordpress and begin your journey to create that free WordPress blog. Carefully follow the steps Below;

  • Step 1:

    Launch you internet browser and create an email address from any popular free email service like,,,, e.t.c. any email address is acceptable but if you have an email address already, then you can skip this step.

  • Step 2:

    On the URL tab of your internet browser input and click enter, it takes you to WordPress home directory. Now click on “Get Started” to create an account, signup or setup an account for your website.

  • Step 3:

    Click on create an account and fill in the empty space with the required details such as your email address, choose a username by creating one, and input your new password you wish to use for your free WordPress blog account.

  • Step 4:

    Next is a contact form with title “let’s create your site”. Now fill in every single empty box with the required information needed and click continue.

Additionally, on Steps to Create Free Blogs Using WordPress

  • Step 5:

    Create a site address. At this point, be careful in choosing a name as this would be the name of your free WordPress website or blog. So key in your website directory of your choice and click on search if its available, then you can check or select it. Also note that it’s a free website for learning sake so below the search is com and beneath the free website is the sub domain that is to say your free WordPress website now becomes

  • Step 6:

    Select the sub domain which is dot wordpress dot com ( and move to the next stage by picking a plan in the pick a plan page so “pick a plan that’s okay for you”. Of course as a beginner who want to learn for free using a free website builder, like “Wordpress”. So kindly select a free plan by clicking “start with free”

  • Step 7:

    Your free website or blog has been created successfully congratulations for you have successfully created your blog now let’s proceed to setup by completing or confirming your account. Now go to your email and confirm your free WordPress account after which you have to setup your fav icon, pages, categories an free website appearance using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) Tool and of course your content as well. So go to your account email click on the WordPress mail in your inbox and activate or confirm that your free website or blog account.

blogger and wordpress


Am glad you could finish this course on how to create a free blog under the beginners blogging guide series. Kindly click on the link below, just in case you missed our previous episode on How to use iLearnGuide for Best Results next is “How to build, develop and maintain your website after creation”. If you have a question to ask regarding this topic kindly do that by leaving a comment below this article also if you have any contribution to make concerning this topic also do that in the comment box beneath this article.

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