How to Build High Quality Backlinks Guest Posting In Nairaland Forum

nairaland guest posting In this article, I am going to teach you how bloggers pull massive traffic daily, weekly or monthly from top forums to their blog building links from; Nairaland Forum and other top forums to help them gain domain and page authority. Generally, the number of daily visitors you have will tell if you’ll reach the domain authority sphere or not. And so I am going to show you what so many bloggers do to pull great traffic. And one of their strategies is through guest posting articles on other blogs, and diverting blog traffic in the form of backlinks from high domain authority blogs to their blogs.

This makes web users comment, share and bookmark their webpages to always come back if their blog appears helpful. However, guest posting is in several ways. Depending on whichever form or type of guest posting strategy you choose to implement.

For example; I decide to publish content in my blog, and now and I want it to go to nairaland and repost it again for some they choose to just post fresh contents without any backlinks. Well it’s okay to guest post but if you don’t have a website or blog but for me I have a blog and definitely I need traffic and so I resolve to put a backlink on every post I make sourcing it back to my web page as that’s also a way of giving myself credit for all my efforts in putting the articles together.

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Why Do Bloggers Guest Post in Nairaland and Other Forums?

Well as a beginner you don’t expect search engines to just shoot your articles straight up to the first page in SERP although it happens at times but in a very rare case at least none that I have seen. Truth is publishing contents as a new blog and publishing as an old blog with domain authority are two different things. If you think it’s a lie, publish content in your new blog, take that same content to nairaland, publish it and you’ll see that nairalands link over ranks your new blog link. Yea it’s like that because on authority.

Nairaland is a website with domain authority and your new blog is a fresh blog with zero authority so definitely, Google is going to pay more respect to nairaland because it has domain and page authority already than your new blog.

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Like I always say, blogging is a really good business and if you go into blogging looking for money with an empty brain then you will simply be wasting your time and energy. So what should you do? Well blogging takes take, energy, and your money and of course you won’t want to make that money waste all like that and that is why as a blogger you should blog for passion and money will definitely come so this strategy is a working strategy and most top bloggers use it to pull massive traffic to their targeted webpages so as to build their links and rank high in search engine result pages so the big questions are; what is a backlink, and what is guest posting? Well, I’ll answer this according to the way these questions came.

What is a backlink?

Backlinks are hyperlinks, created to serve as links between two webpages. A backlink, links a webpage, back to another webpage or blog via using inbound or outbound links. And these backlinks comes in two forms which are dofollow and nofollow links for more information on link building, kindly refer to my article on; Understanding Backlinks and Why it’s Important for SEO.

What is guest posting? Guest posting is a form of blogging that has to do with; a blogger or internet marketer, publishing contents on another website for web users to see, read and also redirect them from these websites to their blog via leaving a link (a href) in the content.

I believe from my simple explanation, you now understand what backlinks and guest posting is and also you now know why these two things work hand in hand for effective results. So how do we implement this whole guest posting and link building strategy using nairaland?

According to Forbes, who described nairaland as Nigeria’s number one top forum existing in the World Wide Web. was developed and owned by a bigtime internet marketer called; “Seun Osewa” and it’s a platform created to send helpful tips and information to the general public. Now how does this website gather this large amount of statistics? The answer is simply by allowing or giving room for guest posting.

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nairaland guest post

Building Quality Backlinks By Guest Posting In Nairaland

Nairaland forum has moderators in the persons of mods and super mods who regulate the different sections of the forum helping to maintain stability and order in the forum. Now, this is how bloggers use it to their advantage and am going to show you how to guest post and make these blog web users trust you in your contents and also come to your blog. Below are steps on how to make this happen.

Guest Posting in Nairaland Steps

  1. It will require you to open an account with nairaland or you can use an existing account. You have to be a member before you can be allowed to guest post or monitor your topics via the “followed topic” (FT) section. So go to, sign up and verify your account.
  2. Login to your account, fill in the required profile information you wish to use and proceed for guest posting proper.
  3. In the homepage of, there are all sorts of categories and topics ranging from the general forum posts, and the different categories, ranging from education, news, gossips, etc.
  4. Now, this is where you do guest posting. Carefully look out for; “guest post” in the home directory of nairaland and click on it.
  5. Next page is two tabs; one for the title, and the other for content. Note that in the content section that is where you write your articles, add your link (Source: beneath your guest post that is now going to serve as backlink before publishing your guest post. Also, pasting links in Nairaland comes in two forms you can either post link as plain text like; or as an anchor or rich text (HTML) like this; [url=””]Beginners Blogging Guide[/url]
  6. Add an image by clicking on “browse” select the image you want to add if possible or you can choose to leave this as adding an image is also optional. After adding everything needed to be added, then click publish to post content button and that’s it. Congratulations you’ve just learned how to guest post in nairaland.

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Now after learning how to guest post on nairaland, you will also need to learn how to write or Create quality content easily even as a beginner blogger, to convince web users to click on your link from nairaland. Well for most bloggers, nairaland is a place where they go to dump contents whenever and however they want but the thing is guest posting poor contents will only fetch your website visitors that moment but will not keep them but when you guest post quality content, sourcing a backlink to your blog, when they come to your blog to further the reading, and find other new quality contents in your blog, they’ll bookmark your blog, sooner or later they will become fans and then, followers, that’s how you build a community.

So when guest posting in nairaland, they tend to post part of the article and put a “continue reading or source” followed by a link for nairaland’s web users to continue reading, putting these readers on suspense and forcing/compelling nairalanders to click on your link. Well if this strategy works better for you then implement it but the thing is whichever way works for you it’s fine. For me, I really don’t force nairaland users to click on my link. I just post the full article there and source or redirect it to my blog post, using anchor text and a hrefs to form backlinks.

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