How to Buy Backlinks and Get Massive Traffic to Your Blog without getting Penalized

How to Buy Backlinks to your Blog and Pull Massive Traffic without getting Caught or Penalized

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In this article, I am going to be showing you how to make every of your blog posts and links rank top in SERP and also, I will show you how to buy backlinks and outrank your competitors in search engine result page with my little secret that works like magic, so kindly follow this article carefully.

When buying links, it is advisable to guest post, in a top blogs with; High Domain Authority and Page Authority, putting your blog’s home directory and web page in it, and channel the links you buy to these domain authority websites and if your content appear helpful, these paid traffic turns into conversions through redirection, for example, let me show you a secret I use to rank in SERP;

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For instance, I want to buy links from; a Fiverr freelancer or from; other website’s that sells backlinks without getting caught or penalized by search engines for black hat SEO, here are the steps I take to ensuring I don’t get caught.

For me, I normally, I do proper keyword research, using both paid (premium) and free keywords research tool like; “ahref”, or “semrush”, to find a keyword e.g., “Blogging secrets” which is my final keyword with low competition and high search volume, let’s say I want to rank for this particular keyword, now;

Strategies Your Competitors are Using You should also Use

buy backlinksI will write a well-structured article around the keyword; “Blogging secrets” by implementing On-page SEO techniques, and then I publish this article on my blog. If you don’t know how to create a well-structured article, kindly use my lazy ass method to create quality contents for bloggers.

Now I’ll go to a search engine webmaster tool such as; Google Search Console to be precise, and submit a sitemap by fetching link as Google. And then; when my blog post link get indexed, if peradventure I make it to page two in Google search engine result page it’s still okay with time if your article is more engaging than your competitors, then you stand a chance of moving gradually to the top or first page in search engine results page.

But if you are impatient like me, like when I insist that I want to outrank other blogs over ranking me that is my competitor for that particular keyword in SERP, I’ll simple outrank them, by buying links and getting more traffic than they are getting.

I’m about to show you a secret that works like wildfire for me on several occasions I have tried It and its working. Kindly follow the steps below;

Now let’s say I guest post an article, which already exists in my blog, using a top blog like Reddit, and place my links in this article in form of backlinks so as to link my guest post visitors, back to my blog.

Note that there’re other top blogs like; warriors forum, shout me loud, medium, stumble upon, nairaland, etc. to guest post and build backlinks from. But for the cause of training, am just using Reddit as a case study for better understanding.

Then I go ahead to buy links in form of backlinks from Fiverr freelancers or any website that sell links, buy backlinks and channel these links back to my guest post on Reddit. Oh, yea I know someone will say that; why Reddit? Or but Reddit already has domain authority and high traffic? But why then will someone still buy link for them to keep increasing its traffic and domain authority the more? Huh? The thing is when you do this, both Reddit and your blog benefits from each other here.

How this Secret Works

Now Reddit has gained Google and other search engines trust, over the years already and now since Google already knows that Reddit, already has high search results, brand recognition, and traffic, no matter the amount of traffic you pull to Reddit from buying links, search engines will never suspect or penalize you .

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But for new blogs; pulling such amount of traffic, without organic traffic can put your blog into trouble and easily make you get caught or penalized. Remember search engine bots, reads every link (inbound or outbound), images, web-page’s, etc. So, in a case where you buy backlinks directly to your blog, this might trigger suspicions and lead you the straight way to getting penalized or getting caught.

However, when I buy backlinks, ensure to channel these paid links to my guest post on Reddit. Now, these traffic turns into conversions from Reddit via Reddit web visitors; reading, and also clicking on my backlinks. Now when they come to my blog post through the backlinks I created in my guest post in Reddit, it sends enough link juice back to my blog, and since this traffic is coming from a top blog to my new blog thereby helping me easily outrank my competitors in SERPs.

So if you really desire to get to the first page in search engine result pages, then keep on repeating these blogging strategies by implementing the various techniques taught in this article, using different articles from your blog to guest post and build/buy links to it.

my next episode is how to buy cheap backlinks for ranking high in SERP.

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