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This is the most detailed and structured guide on how to successfully register your business online in Nigeria, and it is currently selling very fast, crazily fast for that matter. If you wish to register your business name online without leaving your comfort zone and making those dangerous mistakes that prolong the collection of your certificate to three months, then my friend, this guide is a must have for you

So many persons have spent huge amount registering their business names either to an agent or attorney without realising they can do it themselves, but only with the proper guide which you are about to find out in this book. If you want to avoid all the mistakes, stress and headaches associated with registering a business name online, my candid advice for you is to acquire this guide

From The Desk Of Uwadia Isaiah

Uwadia Isaiah is a product developer, product innovator, business strategist and founder of the made-in-africa community.

Isaiah is on a mission to revolutionise the African economy by promoting made-in-africa products. He is the founder and CEO of, a fast rising marketplace to buy African inspired fashion and art, and also a platform to connect with fashion designers and handcrafters right here in Nigeria with it’s mission bestowed in the African continent.

As currently the Chief Technology Officer of, Isaiah has worked with some of the local governments in Nigeria to technologically generate revenues. Some of these local governments are, Bomadi LGA, Warri Delta State, Esannortheast, Edo State and Warrisouth, Delta State.

What you must know

  • You don’t have to be a computer genius to register your business online
  • You don’t have to be tech savvy
  • You don’t need a lawyer or agent
  • All you need is this undiluted guide that holds your hands till finish line

This Book Would Reveal To You

  • How to choose a proper business name
  • How to check if your business name has been taken
  • How to reserve a business name for CAC
  • How to retrieve your reservation code
  • How to register your business name (the simplified process)
  • All the documents you need to upload and recommended file types
  • How to avoid queried or denied application
  • How to avoid queried or denied name reservation
  • How to collect your certificate
  • You can use your phone or laptop to register a business name

I urgently need this guide. How much?


this guide is worth several thousands of naira, but if I charge you as much as that, would you be able to afford it?

The purpose of this book is to help you overcome unnecessary stress and headaches registering your business online. However, if you are able to order for your copy right now, you can get it for just

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the demand for this book is very high. The cost increases as a result of this. You might check in tomorrow and discover the price has increased drastically, and that will be too bad for you. The earlier, the better

How to order for your copy

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