Duplicate Content Mistakes Bloggers Make

Too Many Duplicate Content Mistakes Bloggers Make

duplicate content mistakes bloggers makeOh yes for I was once a victim of duplicate content. In my early stage of blogging; I made series of mistakes oh yes I did made a lot of mistakes but don’t worry; it’s normal besides mistakes are bound to happen but the ability to learn from it, is what’s more important and that’s why I am here to guide you.

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Duplicated content comes in two forms, for instance, I repeat a keyword like using one key phrase for a particular post for more than one blog post it might lead to duplicated content or make search engine crawlers confused on the particular link to crawl which is very bad for SEO.

So when you use one keyword for two or more articles, when search engine crawlers like Google crawl your website or blog, for the same keyword phrase, it sees both articles with different links but same keyword phrase. Now how do you expect it to crawl two different articles and links with the same keyword? Do not confuse search engine bots. When writing articles, try not to make your articles have duplicated keyword phrase, or one article existing in different categories in the same blog’s page, menu tab or bar (categories).

When Implementing 301 Permanent Redirect

Also repeating a particular article, but this time targeting a different keyword phrase because crawlers might just get confused not knowing what to crawl in both articles. This is bad for search engine optimization and it makes search engine crawlers; read or see your articles as duplicated. Also, another way duplicate contents occur is when a blogger’s integrating a secure socket layer certificate (SSL) wrongly. Especially with the new updates from Google that they tend to pay more attention to secure websites or blogs than none secure websites or blogs putting SSL as website’s or blog’s site ranking factor.

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Now bloggers are now trying to integrate SSL to their blogs just to meet up and sometimes when integrated wrongly, or when you don’t forward URL to the new SSL directory by implementing a 301 permanent redirect properly, then it might resolve to duplicate content or article. Oh, yea I’ll tell you how and why below; Now as a newbie or old blogger, if you set up or integrate SSL to make your website or blog secure (HTTPS), without implementing a proper 301 permanent redirect, might make your website or blog, exist differently or appear in two-socket layers.

The Difference Between a Secure and Non Secure Sockek Layer

A non-secure socket layer and a secure socket layer is represented by; Http (http://myblog.com) and Https (https://myblog.com) respectively. Now Google and other search engine crawlers, crawl both links separately. Thereby causing it to crawl a single blog post in two forms or twice in a secure socket layer and none secure layer. Thereby causing one blog post, content or article to appear twice like; being duplicated in the two different directories (HTTP & HTTPS). This can also cause of resolve to duplicate content which is bad for SEO.

So you can follow my tutorial on; How to Properly Setup SSL Certificate and 301 Redirect for Your Blog. I am a newbie in the blogging sphere; can I do this all by myself? Yes, you can. I believe this article is well detailed enough and self-explanatory enough to; guide you how to go about avoiding duplicate content mistakes.

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