How to Get Google Adsense Approval Instantly in 2019

How to Get Google Adsense Approval Instantly in 2019

How I Got My Google Adsense Approval in No Time

How to Get Google Adsense Approval Instantly in 2019Blogging for me, started as a passion. Meanwhile, as a young and passionate blogger I have always wanted to add value and make impact with my write-ups (Articles) and knowledge but then being young and upcoming blogger with little or no finance, I resolved to a plan to settle for monetization, A plan that can fetch me some level of income so I can always see a reason to continue writing for passion. And so, I delved into the idea of monetizing my blog by getting Google Adsense Approval. For me, getting Google Adsense Approval was no big deal. Until I started hearing other bloggers complain too in the various online forums of; how difficult it takes to get Google Adsense Approval these days and so I wrote an article on the Reasons why Google is not approving your Google Adsense Application.

Google Adsense Approval Walk Through Course

How to Get Google Adsense Approval Instantly in 2019Funny enough; I got my Google Adsense to account approved; 15 days prior to my application date as a newbie in blogging then and that made me wonder why even up till now bloggers still complain. Well, I gradually improved on myself and did some study and research on how to get Google Adsense Approval faster.

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I also did found out that getting Google Adsense approval was the easiest thing to do. Although for some bloggers, it’s almost impossible. But for me or some other bloggers, it’s possible. In fact, sincerely speaking, so far, the Google Adsense approval I have gotten, took me less than 12 hours and maximum 2 days to get approved prior to the application date. Like I said earlier the maximum is two days. Oh yes, you heard me right. Meanwhile, I have gotten all my clients Google Adsense to account approved in no time within the specified date and time and I have been getting testimonies on that too.

In no time, I’ll be teaching you what I do on my blog and other blogs I managed the do’s and don’ts before applying for Google Adsense. Am simply showing you my one-time secret on; “how I got my Google Adsense applications approved in no time”. So let me quickly run through the do’s and don’ts below;

 How to Get Google Adsense Approval Instantly in 2019

The Do’s and Don’ts before Applying for Google Adsense Account

  1. Make use of Google Search Console A.k.a Google Webmaster Tool

The first step to take before applying for Google Adsense is to add your blog to Google Search Console, so you can easily crawl and submit sitemaps to Google so all your contents, pages, images, links e.t.c; can be indexed by Google through its search engine console.


  1. Plagiarism

The second step to take before applying for Google Adsense is to ensure that you do not plagiarize; (Copying or duplicating contents from other blogs) just be original. So ensure you write original contents and do not copy people’s content, in fact, that’s content theft. If you don’t know how to create contents yourself, then you should go through my Lazy Ass Method of Creating Quality Contents come back and testify.


  1. Insufficient Contents

Another key step you should take note of is insufficient contents oh yes. Insufficient contents come in three forms which are; lack of contents in the different menu categories, subcategories, lack of content in a post, and also little contents or blank pages. To ensure that you have sufficient contents and that all your pages have something written in it, and that your blog categories also have one or two contents in it. However, even if you want to plagiarize; (copied or duplicated contents), you can do that after getting your Google Adsense Account But I don’t encourage you to copy contents but be original.

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  1. Avoid broken links and zombie pages

Broken links are extremely bad for SEO and you know what that means. But if you don’t know well its simple; Google hates broken links and zombie pages; (a page in your blog that is just there, with nothing inside) blog visitors; hate broken links and zombie pages this has a way of increasing bounce rate, thereby sending report to Google that your blog isn’t interesting.

To avoid broken links because people hate seeing some sort of page not found; 404 errors whenever they’re using your blog and also clicking on pages, categories and blog posts and now discover that there’s nothing inside. Note that broken links and zombie pages do not add value to your blog instead; it reduces or depreciates the value and trust of your blog. So always ensure that you go through all your blog links, and check for broken links and also go through the pages of your blog and check for zombie pages.


  1. User-Friendly and Responsive Themes

Another thing is template or theme. Get a premium theme or free theme for your blog. A theme that is user-friendly, and very responsive. Believe me; this has a way of making Google approve your Adsense account faster.


  1. Always Check Your Blog’s Links

Make sure all your links are properly checked; (blog post links, pages, categories), and are on track before applying for Google Adsense Account.


  1. Blog Posts

Ensure you have enough blog posts; (contents), at least 20 in all or rather ensure every menu or categories and sub-categories in your blog have at least one or two contents in it.


  1. Key Pages

Also be sure that your blog has these key pages; a privacy policy page, contact page, about page and disclaimer page; (optional). With contents in each of the pages


If you have successfully worked on the above steps provided on how to get Google Adsense Approval, then kindly Apply for Google Adsense here and see the magic.


If you’ve successfully walked through this course, then I’ll say; congratulations. I just gave you a long time secret I have been using to get Google Adsense Approval for my blogs and also for that of my client’s. So far so good; I’ve been able to get all my clients Adsense account approved via this little secret, some Pro Bloggers and SEO Experts keep to themselves. Well, let’s say I have a special heart for letting this out. More tips to come as you keep following my daily updates on blogging and SEO. Kindly leave a comment if you find this article helpful. For contributions and more clarification kindly drop them in the comment section.


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