How Broken Links & Zombie Pages Affect Your Blog

Understanding Broken Links & Zombie Pages as a Blogger

broken linksAccording to search engine optimization rules, broken links and zombie pages can cause more harm than good to your blog and can even hurt your blog’s SEO. We did explain more on that in; Common Blogging Mistakes Bloggers Make article. After all this, one would ask; what do broken links and zombie pages mean? Well, get ready for a long read by getting a chilled drink and continue reading as the answer isn’t far-fetched.

What are Broken Links and How does it Affect Your Blog’s SEO

broken linksBroken links are inbound or outbound links that either link to a webpage or link back to a webpage that exists within and or outside your blog, but after some time has been modified, or deleted or does not exist anymore. For example; I uploaded a song, to or, with the song title as “good song”, along with a well-detailed description about the song with my phrasal keyword as good song. Now since my keyword is a good song, I am simply sending my web users to a link I created with a good song, which is to say that this link exists.

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But if on a later note, I decided to modify this link; by adding “Download” in the link just like this; or;, when I share this link on social media and other platforms with the old link ( or;, that doesn’t have “download” in it, after which I re-edit this same post and now put a new link ( or;; when web users click on the old link, it will resolve to; “link not found or page not found error” (404 errors). Here’s a tool you can use to checkmate broken links it’s a simple tool to use.

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How Search Engines See Broken Links

However, when Google and other search engines crawl your blog and find these broken links in it, then it will resolve to an error signal which will be indicated in your search engine console or webmaster tool. Broken links send bad signals and make search engines bot frown.

Also note that broken link can occur in interlinks, when you interlink wrongly or when you keep interlinking to old Web-pages or links; or instead of or

What are Zombie Pages and How it Affects Your Blog SEO

Zombie Pages are a bit related to broken links but in its case, it exists but without content. Zombie pages are pages that exist on your website or blog with no contents; text, video, image, etc., in them. This is what zombie pages mean. Truth is; it is better a zombie page doesn’t exist in your website or blog than for it to exist. Well you might create a page in your blog, and title it “Articles” but if you really after creating this page, if you really do not have any content to publish under “Articles” page directory, then do not even create the category or page as search engine crawlers, crawl everything in your blog; links, WebPages, contents, etc., so your site can get indexed for SEO.

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Note, as a blogger, zombie pages and broken links don’t speak well of your blog. Apart from these SEO reasons stated, what about web users huh? Oh, yea; when a web user sees what he likes in your blog and clicks on it but on a later note, realizes that there’s no content in it or that the link is broken, they get disappointed, frown and just leave. Now how do you expect to get good bounce rates when people keep coming to your blog and leave almost immediately?

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For the SEO reasons we talked about; when web users visit your blog and find what they want it sends a good signal to Google and other search engines, through their web crawlers telling them that your article appears to be helpful and is also engaging especially when web users leave a comment. This serves as a good ranking factor for blogs.

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