How To Build Personal Life Skills For Personal Development

build life skillsImportance of Life Skills in Personal Development

Talking about “Life Skills”, life skills in everyday life demands a lot from us as humans. So therefore, What are life skills? It’s simply a skill that is very necessary, important or desirable for full participation in our daily life.

Meanwhile, our lifestyle helps us find new ways of thinking and solving problems furthermore, taking actions and recognizing the effects of life. However, this aspect of personal development, prepares us as individuals to make good decisions and take positive actions. Our life skills helps us to make the most actions and most out of life, it helps us in finding better ways of solving practical problems. Also it gives us opportunity to be innovative and creative, dealing with challenges in life, likewise ability to learn.

Types of Life Skills

There are various types of life skills but some core essential skills includes;

Communication skills

Interpersonal skills

Self awareness skills

Leadership skills

Decision making skills

Problem solving skills

Creative and critical thinking skills

Employability skill

Empathy skill

Assertiveness skill

Resilience skill

All these I would be explaining subsequently below.

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Communication Skill

It covers effective learning, clarification and reflection. However, this skill is needed to create connections with other people. It also helps to prevent misunderstanding with people, and  helps you pay attention to other people.

It also helps you demonstrate to others you value their opinions and what they have to say, communication is a very vital skill, impede your ability of communication, remove every distractions and listen. There are four (4) main forms of communication and they include verbal, listening, written and Non-verbal communication.

Interpersonal Skill

Interpersonal skill forms a major success in your success and career progress because it involves accepting others, caring for them, being compassionate, flexibility with others and patience. It grows from acquaintance stage, which is the first stage to building up and to continuation stage, Deterioration and termination are the last stages of this skill. Time patience and perseverance will accomplish all things. Make sure to develop this skill.

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Self Awareness Skill

It’s a skill that has to do with the ability to focus more on yourself and how your actions, thoughts and emotions don’t go against your internal standard. This skill gives us a better understanding about ourselves and it helps us build on areas of strength and Weaknesses. It aids us to monitoring our inner worlds, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. With this skill you can unleash the giant in you.

Leadership Skill

This kind of skill relies on a number of key skills which includes; honesty, integrity, accountability, creativity, being innovative, commitment, passion, positivity, communication skills, being able to inspire others, decision making capacity, endurance, unselfishness, being courageous, epitome of intelligence, loyalty, enthusiasm, optimistic, confidence, highly proficient and being able to develop yourself amongst your subordinates. Most importantly, take notes if all these and become a great leader.

Decision Making Skills

This skill helps you map out consequences of your actions and allows you reach the best action that helps achievements goals. It visualizes your successful self, it asks you the right questions and core values, it tells you what to do and what not to do, and it visualizes your future and bring out the decisive you. Always make decision base on what you want to happen to you and add passion to your own expectation.

life skills buildingProblem Solving Skill

This has to do with pro-activeness, it releases us from considering ourselves as victim of external conditions, therefore making us consider ourselves as the masterminded of our life, conquer all our fears, most importantly, makes us become Pathfinder’s and a solution maker.

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Creative and Critical Thinking Skill

Meanwhile, it is good to appreciate our skills, aspirations and limitations. Furthermore, ignore every limiting belief and ask yourself different ways to solve problems. Most importantly, provide choices of activities that involve planning, decisions making, observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, inference and explanation. Besides, all these would help to develop your creative and critical thinking skill.

Employability Skill

These are skills you need in most jobs and they make you employable. They include oral and written communication, problem solving, adaptability, collaboration, and technology use and resource management. All these are needed for employ-ability skill.

Empathy Skills

This skill is the understanding and feeling of putting yourself in other people’s shoes to understand their situation, perception, feelings and be able to communicate with understanding back to the person. Therefore, cultivate a sense of curiosity towards others, examine biases, ask better questions and learn to put yourself in people’s situation.

Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness skill is being confident about yourself, having self assurance without being aggressive and always able to stand up for your right in a positive and calm way. Meanwhile, one should partake and aim for honest and open communication. Learn to express yourself effectively and respect other people’s rights as well.

Resilience Skills

Resilience skill has the ability for one to cope with and rise to inevitable challenges, problems and setbacks. Most importantly, there are lots of unforeseen threats that comes to our life but with the help of our resilience skill we become stronger from all these challenges we meet in life. However, it also helps to build and not to lose our morale and confidence.

Finally we’ve come to the end of this article. Above all, I hope this piece has been able to expose you to some of the basic skills you have in life already, hence, learn to build and use them. Meanwhile, the past is over so forget it, the future holds hope, therefore reach for it now.

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