How to Improve Readability Score in Blogging

Little or Poor Content Readability Score Solution

content readability score SEOAmong the different SEO techniques, comes on-page SEO and under on page SEO comes content readability score. Do you wonder why your blog audience, visit your blog and leave almost immediately? Well, it is as a result of some blogging mistakes and one of this mistake is poor content readability. Yea, so when developing a blog post, ensure that you write for On-Page SEO and readability.

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When Creating a blog post, try not to make too many complex words and grammar mistakes. As complex words will only make reading your articles, a bit too difficult to read through and very hard for your readers or web users to understand your point of view or rather the point you’re trying to make. For WordPress blogs, I’ll recommend you use a simple plugin called Yoast SEO to check and monitor your blog post readability score. It’s a very cool and easy to use the plugin for both newbies and pro bloggers.

Content Readability Walk Through

The same thing applies to too many grammar mistakes. So if your blog visitors, come to your blog, and leave almost immediately, it gives poor bounce rates and doesn’t send good signals to top search engines like google. It simply tells Google that your article is either not valuable or useful, or engaging (isn’t interesting or has poor readability), that makes it very difficult and boring to read and understand.

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So to avoid this; kindly use simple and common words in your articles, blog posts or contents. As for complex words and checkmating grammar mistakes I’ll recommend you to use a grammar tool like “Grammarly” to correct all your grammar mistakes and use a plug-in like “Yoast” for complex and consecutive sentences.

Below are steps on how to checkmate complex words and grammar’s using Grammarly and YOAST. Note that you’ll be using Microsoft word, to check spellings, Grammarly to correcting grammars while Yoast for checking consecutive sentences and complex words so, in a nutshell, you will be needing Microsoft word, Grammarly and Yoast SEO to implement good readability rate. Below are the steps to achieve good readability score and also check for complex words and grammar;

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content readability score

Checking for Complex Words and Grammar Using Grammarly App

Grammarly App is a free writing assistant tool that is a very cool tool for checkmating complex words, wrongly typed words, grammar, etc., and it has both premium and free package. But not to worry the free version of the Grammarly App, has everything you’ll need for constructing great content. Also, note that the premium has more features compared to the free. Below are instructions on how to get and use “Grammarly App”.

  • Download Grammarly app here and install or even install it directly in chrome browser. Also, download Yoast SEO alongside, here, install and activate it.
  • Using Microsoft Word, write a well-structured blog post, article or content (they are all the same thing)
  • Copy your blog post after checking for spellings in Microsoft word, and paste it into the Grammarly tool or software you just downloaded to check for grammar mistakes and correction and that’s all so also make sure you go ahead to check manually for suggested corrections too as Grammarly is a tool or software that is also not a 100% accurate.

Note that after installing the Grammarly app, you’ll be redirected to create an account with them and for other requests, kindly close the app and open it again. That’s if you want to use “Grammarly App” for free.

Improving Content Readability Score Using Yoast SEO Plugin

content readability scoreAs for content readability, there’s also free to use a tool called “Hemingway” tool or app. You can use it to check your content readability score. And also I’ll recommend a plug-in called Yoast SEO or all your On-Page SEO and readability needs. Just give them a try. For Yoast, it’s very simple;

  • Install and activate YOAST plug-in, after checking for grammar mistakes in Grammarly copy the blog post result from; Grammarly and paste it in your website’s WordPress control panel post section.
  • At the bottom corner of the WordPress, post section is your Yoast SEO kindly key in your key phrase and start making necessary adjustments where needed.

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In conclusion, content readability matters a lot. Just like when you cut across a quality content with great readability score you’ll want to stay glued to that content until you read till the end. As a blogger, you should pay more attention to content readability and avoid too many complex words and grammar. So for me at iLearnGuide, I normally combine both Grammarly and Yoast. Kindly share what keeps you glued to an article until the end, so I can get your opinions too. For questions and contributions, kindly leave a comment below.

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