How to Improve Website Appearance for Bloggers

Guide on How to Optimize Your Blog or Website Appearance

website appearanceThere is a saying, that; “a website with good appearance has a way of keeping web visitors and also make them come back”. Website appearance should be very okay because it has a way of improving the user experience. So to rank faster and better on Google search engine result page you have to provide an excellent user-friendly experience for your website or blog’s visitors. As this has a way of improving your blog’s metrics in the form of; benchmarks, time spent on your blog (bounce rates), etc.

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Also, a website or blog’s appearance makes your web visitors enjoy using your blog, alongside with its contents. As this has a way of sending good signals to Google and other search engines, telling them your web visitors, and users, enjoyed using your website. Below are steps to take if you have not really paid attention to your blog’s appearance kindly take note and practice carefully, so as to achieve a great and user-friendly experienced website or blog. And also to provide great

website appearance

Improving Blog Appearance Walk-through

  • Use a simplified and light theme for your blog
  • Ensure to use a light color background for your blog
  • Ensure to use easy to read onscreen fonts
  • Avoid too many colors in your blog posts
  • Do not use more than 1 or 2 different font type for your blog and also ensure your font size is 14px maximum as any size below 14px makes your blog posts appear too small and hard to see.
  • Ensure that you use numbers and bullets when listing your points
  • Use short paragraphs with good line spacing when preparing your blog post and also ensure you use subheadings too (especially H1, H2, H3), when working on your website or blog’s appearance. Also, try to avoid these things;

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  • Full-width article or content with little margin on the right and left. This makes your blog post, article or contents, a bit difficult to read.
  • Too many colors make your website appearance too rowdy and over killing in the eyes especially when it’s more than four color combinations of color. As for iLearnGuide, it has three colors; green, red, and white.
  • Flashy banners and ads all around your website, or blog. Oh yes, I understand you want to make some money from Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and also sell ads space or make money from other ads network I didn’t mention, it’s okay but try to make these ads banners not too much at least it should be a bit of moderate. Remember, simplicity makes things a bit easy and better.

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