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As a beginner in anything it is very important to know about how a system works before going into it. As for this awesome web platform called ilearnguide, it’s simply designed for helping people solve problems regarding blogging, seo, and also help in providing practical and legitimate solutions on how to make money online, and also grooms its online users on how they can develop their career and mind altogether through the Articles Section of iLearnGuide.

Below is a listing on our table of content.

Table of Content.


  1. What ilearnguide is all about
  2. What you stand to gain using
  3. Is it resourceful for students, yes or no?
  4. NOUN – serving as the National Open University of Nigeria Resource Material Channel
  5. Make Money Online
  6. Blogging Tips
  7. WordPress Tips
  8. Seo Tips
  9. Google Adsense Tips
  10. Affiliate Marketing Tips
  11. Mini Importation Business and Online Marketing Tips
  12. Scholarship and Travels
  13. Education and School News



Welcome to ilearnguide. Like you all know of the saying

For you to be a practitioner of a particular craft, you’ll have to master the art of the craft

otherwise known as mastering the craft. This brings us down to these questions.

Below are a list of questions and answers that might probably cut across your mind.

  1. What Is iLearnGuide All About?

According to the concept of this blog, ilearnguide is a DIY (Do It Yourself) blog platform that aids it’s users with knowledge base information, presumed to either be helpful, or problem solving to its web users.

  1. It’s Mission, Objective and Goals

  • Our Mission: is to see a world of possibilities, a world where resource materials are easy to get and harnessed the proper way. And we hope our contents; help our website users to get best results.


  • Our Objectives: Information they say is power and so with useful information from ilearnguide, you’ll stay informed and updated especially the “Do It Yourself” Platform


  • Our Goal is to see that people are getting maximum result by just reading and practicing our daily articles or contents carefully. Testimonies will be welcomed too in our comment session.
  1. Why Use iLearnGuide?

There’s really no embargo on our website users that they must use our platform but the truth is, if you really want to learn about Education and new things about blogging, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and how to make money online not just only learn but do it yourself, then iLearnGuide could be the best option to learn aside

  1. What You Stand To Gain

I would say if you are a web user that is very good at learning and practicing what you’ve learnt, then using iLearnGuide helps you achieve a whole lot as we have gathered useful and helpful information and educational resource materials that will presume will be needful and helpful to our website users.

  1. Is iLearnGuide Resourceful or Helpful to Students, Yes/No?

Well, we’ll say Yes and No. Reason because ilearnguide is a complete DIY (Do It Yourself) blog platform with educational resource materials to help our web users and students achieve success in whatever niche our keyword our site user search for that is within our blog platform.


  • Yes it will be resourceful for students that carefully pay attention by reading and practicing what they’ve learnt from iLearnGuide


  • No if they just read iLearnguide articles for the sake of reading or for fun. If they do not practice what they read then, iLearnGuide will not be resourceful or helpful to students who read and don’t practice.


  1. NOUN Tab For National Open University of Nigeria Students

ilearnguideOriginally, iLearnGuide was designed for the purpose of helping to provide educational resource materials for the students of the national open university of Nigeria and the general public. But the fact remains that iLearnGuide also serve as an extension of the schools educational resource materials such as course materials, TMA’s past question, Exam past questions and also so that student can get latest updates on school news, school policies and general admission information.

  1. Make Money Online

ilearnguideMeanwhile, apart from the fact that iLearnGuide provides educational materials for students like past questions, school updates and info, making money online legitimately is also another top reason why this blog was created. Considering the fact that the world is fast growing, leaving some people less informed and less fortunate with little or no opportunity , but here we are with a platform such as this to provide our web users with legitimate means to make money online tested and trusted by our resource persons who are already into all these business online. Kindly follow iLearnGuide series on how to make money online.

  1. Blogging Tips

ilearnguideHave you heard of the word blogging? Have you ever taken time out to do some research on what blogging is all about? Well if you want to know more about blogging and how young people are using blogging to make money online, then this series is for you. We’ve made sure that we raise a people and build a financial free circle whereby making our web users financially free with our top notch resource materials on blogging as this very niche is carefully given to guide our web users to help them become professional bloggers (Pro Bloggers) and also search engine optimizers (SEO Experts).

Leaving our web users with an option of becoming a good internet marketer and also have multiple streams of income. So keep in touch.

  1. WordPress Tips

However it is true that WordPress has grown to become the world largest content management system (CMS). We offer to teach our web users more about wordpress websites to help them know how it work, how to build, develop, maintain it so as to make money or earn a living from it. Stay tuned.

  1. Search Engine Optimization Tips (SEO)

This great platform, promises to provide it’s web users with complete search engine optimization guides with strategies and techniques to help you rank in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and also get huge traffic from Google and other search engine result page to that new or existing blog of yours, so you can start making cool passive income with that blog of your. iLearnGuide also promise to help beginners become professionals when I say professional, I mean SEO Experts.

Kindly follow our daily updates, and become an SEO Expert.

  1. Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Hub

ilearnguideHowever, apart from the fact that ilearnguide is an education and blogging tips blog, online marketing is another top category on our blog. Affilliate marketing cuts across most online platforms that involves money making some of which are;

  • Blogging: Having a website you publish helpful contents and also monetize to generate income.


  • Vlog: this is simply a video platform where videos are published for people to watch. Monetizing it is another way of making cool money.


Online Marketting Section

  • Dropshipping: is a retail kind of marketing, where a store doesn’t own or keep the products it sells in stock. but Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product.


  • Mini Importation Business: is simply a form of having an area of interest whereby a market is created along side an account with some online stores integrated with internet banking. You place an order, Paying for the goods You want to Import next you move to the final stage where you have to take delivery of your order.
  1. Scholarships and Travels

Scholarships and travels category is designed to help web users get quality and legitimate information concerning study, travel, stay or working abroad providing its web users with detailed information. For more information on this, kindly follow our Scholarship and Travel Series.

  1. Educational and School Resource Materials

We provide educational information that promises to help young people achieve success 100% in whatever that concerns educational and school. And so from our mission, the section is also a priority for us here. To learn more about this kindly click on Educational an School Resource Materials Thread.


“Information is power so also information is vital and proper management with the right application to our different life challenges is what makes the difference”

iLearnGuide encourage you to follow our episodes and articles as you stand to gain a lot. So keep in touch, by bookmarking our links. You can now begin your journey to our knowledge base here.

For more information regarding this, kindly follow our daily series on the different categories listed above. For questions on what wasn’t clear to you kindly leave us a comment in the comment box below this article. Also, for contribution and corrections, Do let us know in the comment Section. Don’t forget to share this article.

About the Author

iLearnGuide is the Admin profile for the website and as you all know iLearnGuide is a DIY (Do It Yourself) blog where you can learn so much regarding Blogging, SEO, and how to Make Money Online. Other topics includes NOUN and Educational Materials so enjoy your stay here.


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