How to Install WordPress in your Blog Using iPage Hosting

How to Install WordPress in That New Blog of Yours, Using Ipage Hosting

Steps to Install WordPress for the First Time Complete Guide

install wordpressI started blogging as a passion and so for me, blogging is serious business apart from the fact that it helps to improve your writing skills, it also broadens your knowledge and in above all, it can fetch cool amount of income and also put food on your table if you know what I mean. So, if you’ve been following my previous series on blogging, and you wish to press further in knowing more about WordPress and other products to explore, then this article on How to Install WordPress, is for you but if not, then you can quickly skim through my previous update on iPage Hosting, How to Purchase a Host Account and Register a Domain Name.

But if you’re new to blogging or you feel this topic pricks your interest and you really would love to delve into it then you can start by going through our beginners course I titled;

The Beginner Blogging Guide Series

And there you’ll find out everything you need to know about blogging basics.

Am not going to waste more of your time, but I’ll be brief and just go straight to the point. Now let’s do a recap of the aforementioned topic I titled “How to install WordPress in your blog Step by Step Guide Using ipage hosting” for beginners. However, in recent times; WordPress has grown to become the world’s largest CMS (Content Management System) web platform with so many functions on the world wide web among it’s numerous functions are listed in our WordPress knowledge base. Below are detailed steps on how to install a WordPress blog from start to finish for a total beginner. Below are detailed steps on;

how to install wordpress

How to Install WordPress on Your new Blog From Start to Finish for a Complete Beginner.

how to install wordpress for beginners

  • Step 1:

    Log into your iPage control panel and navigate through the dashboard, click on WordPress and go directly to install WordPress or you can click on Mojo Market afterwards, navigate to the top left corner of the Mojo Market Place Home Directory,  and select One Click Install, of which a drop down appears, giving you a list of options to choose from. Now choose WordPress to proceed to WordPress installation on that new blog of yours.

    install wordpressNext, Click on; One Click Installinstall wordpress

  • Step 2:


    Click on; “Get Started”

    how to install wordpress as a beginner

    Choose a directory for your blog either or Choose any of the above directory depending on your concept of choice. For Me, I chose;, because I wanted my website directory to have www and so that’s the reason for my choice of URL. Click “Next” so as to proceed to the next phase of WordPress installation process.

  • Step 3:

    Fill in your website’s information; starting from your Website or Blog Title, Username, followed by website’s email address and finally a password. So choose a strong password that comprises of both uppercase, lowercase and numbers. Also you can add symbols like (. , / * + = _ – or @ $ % ^ &) in some case for example; a strong password should be in this format AAAaaa111… but you must use something you should remember not a password you’ll forget easily or best way is to note your password in your private diary. Now click next to proceed to the final stage of installation process.

  • Step 4:

    Go to the email address you used to setup your WordPress installation and check for your website credentials sent to you by WordPress (Mojo Market) and this mail consist of about everything you need to login to your WordPress cp (Control Panel).

    how to install wordpress for beginners

Walk Through Section: Other Things You Should Also Know

WordPress blogging is so far the largest platform of blogging in recent times especially for the fact that it opens its users to a whole new world of possibilities and help them explore and have deeper understanding on what WordPress blogging is all about. For newbie’s, if you wish to learn how to install WordPress, then I’ll advice that you follow this complete guide on WordPress installation carefully and take full action in practicing every single thing you learn here on iLearnGuide.


You should also note that before you embark on this journey I titled WordPress installation and blogging, there are some other skills you might also want to learn about such as;

  1. You need to have a basic knowledge in computing at least, if not broad but just a little idea in computer operation can make things a lot easier for you as a beginner in blogging. And also, have a bright understanding of what WordPress is all about and the reason for its installation in that new blog of yours.
  2. You have to develop a good skill in understanding WordPress interface, and how to manipulate it as it is a completely different blogging interface from aside I know so many persons are familiar with blogger than WordPress and so if you are new to this blogging platform, then kindly read through this course i titled;

The Complete Guide to Achieve Top Notch Results in Blogging.

  1. After installing WordPress successfully, you are expected to know that whatever concern your website or blog’s GUI (Graphical User Interface), has to be controlled 80 percent by your WordPress CP and not your Host CP (i.e. So, take note that your articles, pages, categories, theme, menus, widgets, tools, websites framework, and every other thing that concerns your WordPress blog appearance, has to do with the CMS – Content Management System; WordPress CP you just installed.
  2. Instead of logging into your Host CP e.g., to design your blog after installing WordPress, you’ll will be given a direct link to access your WordPress control panel to enable you develop, maintain, and manage your WordPress blog and this link is of this format; or

Errors You May Likely Encounter While Installing WordPress

Also note that there are possible errors you might likely encounter if you practice this tutorial wrongly. Not to worry I also experienced these and I was able to fix these bugs issues and problems myself as a pro blogger and am going to be explaining them in my next episode on the Beginners Blogging Guide I titled; Common Errors you might likely Encounter when Installing WordPress for the first time in your blog.

In conclusion, I believe you find this article quite interesting and helpful if yes, then leave a comment in the comment box below and also for questions and answers, contributions, kindly do that as well in the comment session.

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