IPage Hosting – How to Register and Build a WordPress Website Like a Pro

Build WordPress Website or Blog, like a Pro using iPage Hosting Service as a Beginner

ipage hosting serviceBlogging for me was one big thing not to talk of “Building WordPress Website” using iPage Hosting. Until I finally did some thorough research, and now discovered how to pay for host account, register a domain, install WordPress, and build WordPress website, through some hosting companies and later integrate WordPress via installation. Well, WordPress is a broad topic and as of today, many people seem to find it pretty interesting but do not know how to go about it. However, if you are new to blogging then you have to learn how to create a free blog here.

So you can learn and practice with the steps given on a free blogging platform before coming to this article to lean how to create or build WordPress website or blog, like a professional or you can refer to our Beginner Blogging Guide if you’re a beginner and want to learn blogging from a scratch.

Note that, this kind of website, is not free as you’ll have to pay for hosting and domain name that way you officially become the owner of domain name and host account. Although we have a list of web host registrars like Blue Host, Inmotion Hosting, Hostgator, Godaddy, Namecheap, Blogger, WordPress, Ipage, E.t.c. But today, I’ll be dealing on how to build WordPress website using ipage.com.

build a wordpress website Using Ipage Hosting Service
Build WordPress Website Using iPage Hosting Service

Below are Steps on how to pay for host account, and register a domain name, and build WordPress website.

How to Pay for Host Account, Register for Domain Name Using iPage Hosting Service

  • Step 1:

    Launch your web browser and from the URL directory, key in ipage.com and hit the enter button on your keyboard.

    Build WordPress Website Using iPage Hosting Service

  • Step 2:

    The first step after opening ipage.com is to click on; “Get Started” to signup.

    Note; That iPage, is an online domain registrar and hosting company that render hosting and domain registration services.

    Build WordPress Website Using iPage Hosting Service

  • Step 3:

    Pick a domain name, by searching for the domain name you wish to use or if you have a domain already, and want to renew or transfer kindly key in the domain name here and hit the search button. For example I typed ilearnguide.com when I wanted to pay for an host account and register iLearnGuide I only paid for host account domain name was free for the first year. Once the domain search result comes up and it’s your choice, kindly hit the Next and choose your term in the next page.

    Build WordPress Website Using iPage Hosting Service

  • Step 4:

    Now select the term length; 1year, 2years, 3years or more depending on your budget plan the more the years the cheaper. And click on the next button (customize my plan button), to customize your plan.

    Build WordPress Website Using iPage Hosting Service

  • Step 5:

    Customize your plan by ticking or selecting optional products, anyone you feel will add value to your host and domain account.

Note; that if you have a slim budget, simply ignore all the optional products, as you are still on the right track even without these so called optional products. So am just going to deselect everything because of my slim budget. And proceed for domain registration, by clicking “Continue to Payment”.

Build WordPress Website Using iPage Hosting Service

  • Step 6:

    Next is; Billing Information Page where you are required to fill in your contact details such as; name, surname, email, phone number, street address, country, postal code, city, and state.

Note: You can search for your location or postal code, through google.com; Just in case you get confused about the whole postal code issue. For me, based on my location, my postal code is 300282.

Build WordPress Website Using iPage Hosting Service

  • Step 7:

    Scroll down and fill in your payment information; credit card details, and proceed to purchase.

  • Step 8:

    Go to your email account; the email you filled during this registration, and verify your account by following the instructions in the email sent to you by iPage. Normally you might be asked to verify your information via providing an identity card, so your account can be verified

  • Step 9:

    After verification, your login details to your new host account and domain you just purchased and registered, will be sent to your email along side with your website consent form. You’ll be asked to change your login password for some security reasons.

  • Step 10:

    Login to your new host account, using the login details sent to you by iPage, if successful, then you’ve just completed the first stage of registering and setting up a host account. You can now proceed to register a domain if you haven’t done that already.


Have you successfully read through and practiced this course? If yes, then you’ve completed this course on how to purchase a host account and register a domain name, so you can build WordPress website as a beginner.

Kindly leave a comment if you have any questions via the comment box below.

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