Lazy Ass Method to Create Quality Contents for Bloggers

My Lazy Ass Method I Use To Create Quality Contents for BloggersLazy Ass Method to Create Quality Contents for Bloggers

Hello everyone, today I’ll be teaching you an easy method of developing content or ways to create quality contents without any experience in writing. I titled it “the lazy ass method I use to create quality content. If you are new to blogging kindly refer to my Beginners Blogging Guide.

This is one secret many top bloggers keep to themselves. I listened carefully and put what I listened into writing and BOOM I got the result and ever since i started this lazy-ass method to create quality content, my writing skills greatly improved, and Mr. Google has never enlisted me for plagiarism – Duplicated or Copied Contents.

Create Quality Contents – Read Through My Lazy Ass Method.

For me, blogging started first as a passion, and from there; I made so many mistakes and progress at my initial stage of blogging as a beginner a long-long time ago. What were my mistakes? The first mistake I made was to copy people and their style and this is one way bloggers are failing you know when you try copying your competitor, you give him or her more reason to thrive oh yes like an edge over you. Now when I started plagiarizing I ended up losing out from SERP. It’s quite unfortunate that so many young and upcoming bloggers copy content or fall victim to this act. PLAGIARISM; this term is very bad in blogging don’t even try it in fact don’t even go learn what it means (Lols don’t mind my use of language).

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Now what plagiarism does is it makes google and other search engines; not pay attention to your blog post, pages and links, not trust you, not rank your blog posts, and may even lead to penalization as a result of duplicated content or copied content.

What This Course Is All About

I have a lazy-ass method though and I prepared this write-up for you so you too can learn how to do it yourself and stop that bad habit of copying people. Oh yes it works perfectly I even use it for my blogs too to create quality content but in a lazy ass way and it’s also effective too. The truth is you also have to thread with caution too. Because the thing about this lazy ass method of creating quality contents is, when u start it it’s easy but sooner or later you get addicted to it, and boom you gradually become a great content writer even without knowing and soon you realize you can do more even without it again,

Now let’s go straight to the point by listing out the do’s and don’ts of this article;

  • Don’t take these content creation strategies for granted

  • Do not procrastinate because procrastination will do you more harm than good.

This is one secret I use to create quality content for my blogs and other blogs and websites. Now have you heard of the saying that knowledge is power and understanding the accurate thing with the right application, breeds excellence? Well that’s my quote though. I’ll give you two powerful tools; I use to develop or create quality contents. Note that these tools are popular per say but so many people by virtue of its simplicity abuse, neglect or even use it wrongly especially to waste their precious time but the thing is time waits for no one. Below are the two tools namely;

  1. Google

  2. YouTube

Of course you will agree with me that; Google as a company, is the world’s number one search engine and resource material website? Followed by YouTube, standing as the second highest search engine in the world but also as the first video search engine in the world. Oh yes. Now how do I use this great tool to my advantage?

Lazy Ass Method to Create Quality Contents for Bloggers

Create Quality Contents – The Google Strategy

  • Set a target for yourself by knowing the niche you want to concentrate on. Like for me, I choose to write on blogging and SEO
  • Do some research on this niche you have chosen and set a target of at least ten topics to write per week, depending on your strength level, time and busy schedules, since you are trying to build a habit of writing contents all by yourself?
  • Now go to and do a proper research from two to three different resource sites, make some notes, after a proper understanding from these resource sites, now get a pen and notebook, and make notes highlighting and deliberating on the key points of the topic you are generating.
  • After successfully developing the contents, create a post from your websites back-end that is your site’s dashboard and paste it. And your article is ready to be published

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Note: you can use websites like to check for plagiarism on the content you just developed through my lazy ass blog post creation method I just showed you.

Create Quality Contents – The YouTube Strategy

For YouTube, it’s very simple now this is why I tagged this article lazy as method. This one is most effective and easy to practice.

  • Go to and do some research on topics you chose to write on. At least search for two to three videos around that topic and download them.
  • Now get an ear piece or hands free device, a notebook and pen, and make notes by jotting down key points from the video tutorials you’re listing to. That way, you read to yourself, and make notes giving you better understanding to conceptualize and be creative in innovating ideas.

Now choose between the Google or YouTube content creation method which ever works for you, practice and stick with it and sooner or later, it becomes a part of you and you start to create quality contents all by yourself even without the use of these two lazy ass strategy. But for me, I use both but most times use the YouTube method if I want to be a lazy ass.

Lazy Ass Method to Create Quality Contents for Bloggers

How to Check for Complex Words and Grammar Blunders and others

There’s a tool I use to checkmate my spellings, complex words, grammars and sentences and the first tool I use, is the;

Microsoft word (MsWord); this tool helps me correct my spellings and sentences especially when I make a blunder in my sentence.

Secondly, I use is YOAST for WordPress tool. Now what this tool use is it helps me optimize my articles for better SEO needs relating to On-Page SEO. And it also helps me checkmate consecutive sentences, sub headings, and the list goes on.

Am glad you read through this course. kindly leave a comment below for questions relating to this topic.

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