Top Notch Internet Marketing Strategies Online Marketers Use to Make Money Online in 2019

Internet Marketing Strategies Online Marketers Us to Make Money on the Internet

internet marketing strategiesIn this article, I am going to be discussing some top notch internet marketing strategies internet marketers us to make passive income and also to multiply their income streams online. We will be discussing the four common online marketing techniques some of which are;

  1. Product marketing (selling products online)

  2. SEM, Ad Models (PPC/CPC CPI, CPA, CPL and CPM)

  3. Affiliate Marketing

  4. Ads Selling Space

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These are the most common internet marketing strategies or model; internet marketers employ or use to make money online selling products and rendering services online. Believe me, these are also what I’ve been using to fetch passive income to my bank account daily, weekly and also monthly. And am going to be showing you how all these works. Below is the aforementioned, explained in details;

Product Marketing (Selling Products Online):

As we all know, as long as the earth exists, buying and selling will continue to exist and just like the low of supply and demands in economics. Some way internet marketers make money online is through this means of selling products online. And these products can be anything. Ranging from; eBooks, software’s, and resource materials, items, etc., and these products get to the right customers through any of the marketing strategies (SEO, Ads Models like PPC/CPC or Others). So let’s do some simple mathematics. For example;

I have a product of value to sell, an eBook to be precise based on what I want to market to people. Now I want to sell this helpful eBook via a platform that has a wide range of internet users, and I describe this product accurately in details.

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Let’s say I decide to sell this product (eBook) for $5 (five dollars):

As an internet marketer, lets say I decide to target 3000 people who need the help of my product; lets say a $5 worth of eBook by means of online advertising/marketing models PPC, CPC using search ads campaign, social media campaign or search engine campaign to persuade my buyers via emails, and by tracking my progress level.

Here’s the sweet part of selling products online; if I target three thousand (3000) persons and at the end, I make a hundred (100) sales, in one day, this is equal to $500 (five hundred dollars) and that’s cool money for one day. So this is to say; with the right marketing technique and with a hundred sales, I can get $500. Wow, that’s more than minimum wage.

Okay let’s say; I end up making 50 sales which is equivalent to $250; that’s also a huge sale; so, it’s easy. Remember, these buyers are targeted audiences who really need my products so at the end of the day; I get $250 or $500 for making my product reach my targeted audience and also for making sales, via them buying my products online.

Now, if I am to calculate these in a month, that should be;

$250 X 30 days = $7500 (Seven Thousand, Five Hundred Dollars)

$500 X 30 days = $15000 (Fifteen Thousand Dollars)

Woooow! That’s a whole lot of money if you calculate in various currency denominations.

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SEM, Ad Models (PPC/CPC CPI, CPA, CPL, and CPM):

SEM is a kind of advertising campaign that allows internet marketers, bid for advertisement to show alongside with search engine results for particular keywords search engine users, are typing in. This form of advertising, enables businesses, to be seen by a search engine or internet users at the very moment they’re searching for whatever a business offers.

Search engine marketing is a form of using display ads on search engines to reach out to people researching online and these campaigns meet a specific range of audience. Targeting the right keywords for; (PPC OR CPC; An advertising system in which advertisers pay for users to click on their advertisements), can make it more effective.

Remember web users are not actually searching for you when your adverts show up. But with display ads, you can stand a chance of reaching a broad target of an audience if you clearly lay out what you want to achieve upfront.

Search engine marketing is one of the most effective internet marketing strategies to grow your offline and online business.

Ads model advertising and marketing is another method online marketers make cool income online. It’s a means of crafting and delivering convincing messages to the right or targeted market. And one of the common ways of achieving this is dependent on the situation, the audience and the kind of business from where it originated from.

Note that these internet marketing strategies involve paying for adverts in return for conversions and sales. Remember you spend money to make more profit.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is another internet marketing strategies, internet marketers use to make passive income and it’s a kind of marketing that involves performance base marketing whereby businesses rewards one or more affiliates for visitors and customers that was brought through the affiliates own marketing strategy or platform.

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ADS Selling Space:

This has to do with selling ads space in form of banners on your website or blog. This is a type of marketing effort, that involves an internet marketer to sell ads space to NGO’s, SME’s and other websites or platforms. It is the duty of the internet marketer to convince its potential advertisers if they really want to sell ads space or to convince its customers if they really want to buy ads space. Internet marketers, perform ads selling space by the amount of traffic info about visitors, also known as demographic data and with specific contents that also relates to their products and services either online or offline summing up to become another effective internet marketing strategies online marketers and businesses employ.

In conclusion, if you have taken out time to go through this blog post congratulations. I believe you now know at least five internet marketing strategies, and legitimate ways to make money online as time goes on, I’ll be breaking these course down one after the other. So keep in touch and bookmark our pages. For comments and contributions, kindly do that in the comment section beneath this blog post.

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